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What does a verbal reasoning test assess?
What does a verbal reasoning test assess?

This article explains you how employers use verbal reasoning tests.

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Ability tests are a typical part of the selection process, or for development within the workplace. Verbal reasoning tests are one of the most commonly used aptitude tests that come up during a job application. Verbal reasoning tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests that provide the employing organization with information about a candidate’s general verbal aptitude. These tests are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to comprehend and reason using concepts expressed through words.

The verbal reasoning test basically comes down to reading comprehension. The test provides a better/additional insight on the expected work level of the contestant. It also provides a more accurate image of the contestant than just the CV or a job interview. Therefore, the verbal reasoning test is used to test, with or without other assessment tests, which candidate is best suited for the job. Other than testing for the recruiting of new staff, the verbal reasoning test may also be used to measure the development of the existing staff of an organization.

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