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What does a Critical Thinking test assess?
What does a Critical Thinking test assess?

This article describes how employers use the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking test.

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Ability tests are a typical part of the selection process, or for development within the workplace. The critical thinking test, also referred to as critical reasoning test, is a commonly used aptitude tests that comes up during a job application. Critical thinking tests are a widely used aptitude test for selecting candidates of graduate, professional and managerial level. 

The Critical Thinking Test measures:

  • Critical thinking ability

  • General understanding of the importance of evidence when making conclusions

  • The ability to differentiate between inferences, abstractions and generalizations through applying logic

  • The ability to combine these skills above when making these decisions

Critical thinking plays a vital role in academic instruction and occupations that require careful analytics thinking to perform essential job functions. It is used in different fields, such as business, government, and education. Critical thinking tests predict judgment, problem solving, creativity, openness to experience and more.

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