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What does a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test assess?
What does a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test assess?

This article provides you with all the information about how and why employers use Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests.

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Ability tests are a typical part of the selection process, or for development within the workplace. Diagrammatic reasoning tests are one of the most commonly used aptitude tests that come up during a job application. Diagrammatic reasoning tests, often confused with abstract reasoning and inductive reasoning tests, are standardized psychometric assessment tests that provide the employing organization with information about a candidate’s general ability to extract concepts or rules from apparently unrelated visual information.

These tests are designed to measure a candidate’s analytical, decision making, logical and abstract reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Diagrammatic reasoning tests display a series of operators and their outputs. The candidate’s task is to infer a set of rules and to apply them to new situations. Candidates will not be required to use any prior knowledge, and the questions on the actual test will not vary depending on the role or specific industry where the candidate is recruited for.

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